pregnancy and birth

My second pregnancy and birth were very different from my first, in large part thanks to Lakshmi’s care and wisdom. Lakshmi taught me many little adjustments and modifications to my day-to-day life that vastly reduced my pubic symphysis pain. Massage and craniosacral therapy from the second trimester up until birth were incredibly therapeutic in terms of reducing physical discomfort and helping get my pelvis into proper alignment. My second labor was shorter (by more than 12 hours) than my first, and I did not experience the pain of back labor that I had with my first. I have no doubt that the work she did, and what she taught me to do on my own, contributed greatly to having an easier labor and delivery experience the second time.

Postnatal massage with Lakshmi was such a gift, and was highly tailored to my needs based on my pregnancy, labor, and birth experience. I had significant separation of my diastasis recti and she was able to give me tips on protecting my back and helping my core to heal, all while honoring the time and patience that postpartum recovery requires.

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