Grief and Loss

Healing Hearts: Navigating Grief and Loss with Compassionate Support and Holistic Therapeutic Approaches.

Grief and Loss Services


Navigating Grief and Loss:

The process of bringing a baby into this world can be one of joy but also profound loss. Lakshmi specializes in working with individuals and families navigating pre and perinatal grief and loss. These experiences may manifest as chronic tension, pain, insomnia, and more, creating a sense of being stuck or frozen


Holistic Healing Approaches:

Lakshmi employs Somatic Experiencing, Safe and Sound Protocol, and gentle hands-on techniques to provide slow and gentle support through the client’s grief process. This holistic approach aims not to forget but to remember, understand, and facilitate forward movement. Sessions, whether in person or on Zoom, are offered at $130 for 60 minutes.


Sacred Support for Families:

Clients who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, twin loss, IVF loss, or the loss of an infant or child are welcomed into this sacred and crucial work for birthing people and their families. Lakshmi’s sessions offer a space for acceptance, integration, and completion, recognizing the importance of holistic healing in the journey of grief and loss.

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