Baby Bodywork

Nurturing Beginnings: Discover Gentle and Specialized Bodywork for Your Little Ones, Fostering Optimal Growth and Well-being in Our Baby Bodywork Services

Baby Bodywork Services


Gentle Techniques for Development:

At Flourish, we cherish the well-being of our littlest clients. Our Baby Bodywork services play a crucial role in promoting healthy development, resolving prenatal and birth trauma. Through gentle hands-on techniques like Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, the Bowen Technique, and the Safe and Sound Protocol, we release stress, trauma, and tension from these precious bodies.


Expert Baby Bodywork Services:

Treating stress and trauma early in a child’s life can profoundly impact their long-term health, including posture, movement, stress management, and overall development. Lakshmi, with 25 years of experience, is dedicated to using specialized techniques to influence correct posture, ease stress and anxiety, and foster healthy relationships and self-esteem.


Parental Guidance and Bonding:

Lakshmi not only provides expert baby bodywork but also empowers parents by teaching them how to massage their infants. This enhances sleep, aids digestion, and fosters healthy attachment and bonding. With a deep passion for this work, Lakshmi combines her expertise with a compassionate approach to ensure your little one receives the best care.


Birth Mask Reveal

Lakshmi is uniquely trained to analyze babies’ faces for signs of stress and compression from birth. Understanding a baby’s birth story is crucial for efficient healing, addressing potential issues such as sleep disturbances, feeding problems, pain, irritability, breathing and sinus issues, and fussiness

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