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Embark on a Journey Within: Discover Healing and Empowerment Through Somatic Experiencing.

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Understanding Somatic Experiencing:

Somatic Experiencing, developed by Dr. Peter Levine, is a transformative body-based practice aimed at cultivating a harmonious relationship between clients and their bodies. This process effectively deactivates trauma, addressing fight, flight, and freeze states held within the body. Clients benefit from a gradual unfolding of their bodily experiences, fostering trust in their innate wisdom and personal histories.


Benefits of Somatic Experiencing:

This therapeutic approach yields a spectrum of benefits, including decreased pain, deeper self-connection, reduced anxiety, depression, and trauma symptoms, improved digestion and sleep, alleviated tension and headaches, and an overall increased sense of comfort and peace. The pace of a Somatic Experiencing session is deliberately slow, allowing clients to communicate their sensations, preferences for areas of focus, and emerging feelings.


Tailored Sessions and Professional Certification:

Somatic Experiencing sessions, whether conducted sitting in a chair, on a massage table with touch, or in supported yoga poses, offer a personalized and client-centered approach. Lakshmi, currently in her Advanced year of the Somatic Experiencing Professional Training program, brings expertise and dedication to each session. Certified by October 2024, she offers 60-minute sessions for $130 and 90-minute sessions for $160, available in-person or over Zoom.

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