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Embracing the Journey: Comprehensive Pre and Perinatal Care Tailored to Nurture Every Stage.

Pre and Perinatal Care Services


Massage Therapy for Every Stage:

Lakshmi’s 20 years of expertise extends to those in the pre and perinatal period, offering preconception, prenatal, and postpartum massage, as well as specialized infant massage. Partner classes are also available, empowering partners with massage techniques during pregnancy and birth. Lakshmi employs CranioSacral Therapy and Myofascial Release to enhance relaxation, improve posture, and address tension, stress, and pain.


Yoga Therapy for Mind, Body, and Spirit:

During the perinatal period, Lakshmi utilizes yoga therapy, guiding individuals through breathwork, yoga poses, meditation, and deep relaxation to navigate the physical, mental, and spiritual challenges of this crucial period. Somatic Experiencing and The Safe and Sound Protocol(SSP) are incorporated to regulate nervous systems, process trauma, and create a calm and grounded state, essential for pregnancy and birth preparation.


Holistic Support for Healthy Attachment:

Lakshmi’s passion extends to assisting clients in connecting and bonding with their babies, addressing birth trauma through CranioSacral Therapy, SSP, and Somatic Experiencing. Pelvic floor yoga therapy is offered to balance pelvic muscles before, during, or after pregnancy, promoting recovery and sustained support for overall health. Certified by Postpartum Support International and the Association of Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health, Lakshmi tailors each session to individual needs, fostering deep relaxation, release, and trust in the body’s innate ability to heal.

The womb is a school, and every baby attends.

David Chamberlain, PhD, Co-founder of APPPAH.

What is Pre and Perinatal Psychology
and what does it mean for me?


Pre and Perinatal Psychology is not like the traditional kind of psychology we think of. It is a somatically based view that includes are earliest imprints, memories, and experiences from conception forward. These are important to understand and process because they become the foundation of all of our experience moving forward in our lives. Our experiences in utero form how we see and interact with the world and others, without us even being aware of it. This is called implicit memory. These experiences are stored in our bodies, both physical and energetic, and touch and somatic therapies are excellent for helping heal any of our earliest experiences that may still be impacting our lives in a way that creates struggle or friction. These can show us as chronic tension, mental health challenges, fears and phobias, health challenges, and challenges with life skills. Because our brains, bodies, and nervous systems are flexible, meaning they can change, we can heal these early imprints of pain, shame, fear, anger, not feeling seen or understood, and more. The view point and tools from Pre and Perinatal Psychology (PPN) are designed to help heal birth trauma, whether it is for the birthing person, the baby, or the partner and extended family, even including transgenerational traumas. Sessions are appropriate for any age from in utero to adults. Come help heal your little one, even if he/she is in an adult body.

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