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Soothing Sound for Tranquil Transformation: Explore the Healing Power of The Safe and Sound Protocol.

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Polyvagal Theory Unveiled:

Developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, a UNC Chapel Hill psychiatry professor, The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) aligns with his Polyvagal Theory. This theory posits three autonomic nervous system states—social and connected, fight or flight, freeze and faint—impacting daily functions like digestion, muscle tension, cognitive processing, and sleep. The SSP, involving 5 hours of computer-altered music, enhances polyvagal system functioning, providing profound benefits for those with PTSD, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and more.


Holistic Listening Sessions:

The SSP program comprises five 30-minute listening sessions, complemented by hour-long meetings focusing on self-regulation exercises, sensory awareness practices, breathing, and movement. Clients gain practical exercises for self-regulation, grounding, and self-care, fostering a deeper awareness of their internal state. Sessions, conducted in person or via Zoom, offer tools to pull stress, trauma, and tension from the nervous system, promoting lasting transformation.


Program Details and Considerations:

Sessions, priced at $130 each, can be conducted in person or remotely, generally scheduled at a rate of 1-2 sessions per week. Clients may choose to repeat the program for further progress. A free preliminary consultation is recommended before starting the program, allowing individuals to explore the suitability of SSP. The protocol is explained in a video, and precautions and contraindications, including considerations for those with seizures, taking antipsychotic drugs, and certain diagnoses, are outlined for individualized client care.

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