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Here you will embark on a transformative journey to holistic well-being.  Flourish Pre & Perinatal Wellness, where healing meets innovation, and every step forward is guided by compassion, wisdom, and the power within.

Scope Of Practice

Lakshmi Om, resides in North Carolina, USA, with proficiency in English. As a somatic therapist at Flourish Pre & Perinatal Wellness, Lakshmi specializes in addressing pre and perinatal trauma, early childhood trauma, and their embodied imprints. Leveraging her extensive background, she employs pre and perinatal psychology, Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, trauma-informed yoga therapy, and the Safe and Sound Protocol to guide adults, children, and infants in releasing and integrating pivotal life experiences spanning conception, in-utero, birth, postpartum, and early childhood.

Distinguished in pelvic floor yoga therapy, Lakshmi supports individuals throughout the birthing process, offering her expertise before, during, and after delivery. With a rich history as a doula for two decades and a BFA in Modern Dance Performance and Choreography from the University of Illinois, Lakshmi boasts over 25 years of experience in working with the body. Her profound belief in the interconnectedness of the physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental facets of the body informs her approach with each client. Recognizing that healing is intricately tied to connection – to one’s deepest self, to others, and to the innate capacity for healing – Lakshmi’s ultimate goal is to guide clients toward rediscovering their wisdom, wholeness, and support within themselves.


Treating and Preventing Birth Trauma for All

The events involved in our conception, prenatal life, birth and postpartum period have lasting, life-long effects for babies and caregivers that can support our growth and development but also hinder it.

Somatic therapy based in pre and perinatal psychology creates a strong, empowered foundation between the prenate and parents before birth and can resolve any traumas or stress that occurred during or after birth.

Supporting Healthy Attachment and Bonding

Traumas or stressors that occur during conception, prenatally, during birth or in the postpartum period can affect a baby’s attachment with their parents and a parent’s bonding with their baby.

Attachment styles can be avoidant, anxious, ambivalent, disorganized or secure. Secure attachment styles are linked to increased likelihood of physical and emotional health throughout life.

Attachment traumas can be healed at any stage of life, but it is of utmost importance to cultivate secure attachment from the beginning.

Educating and Supporting families from preconception through postpartum

At Flourish, we work with individuals and couples planning to have a baby prior to as well as after conception. Conscious conception classes help parents prepare themselves through building stronger secure attachment within themselves and in their relationship as well as reflecting on and resolving their own birth and childhood experiences. Couples and birthing people can also work on consciously connecting with and inviting their precious child into their family.

Somatic work during pregnancy building awareness and connection between baby and parents. Babies can feel and are aware during the prenatal period and it is essential for healthy, secure attachment to connect with your baby during this time.

Support during and after birth helps to treat and prevent any stress or trauma that may have occurred during birth. We also work on empowering couples through birth education and how to have a voice and choice during the birth and postpartum process.

Addressing Early Childhood Trauma for a healthy life

We carry within us moments of unresolved stress and trauma from the very beginning of life. These can be moments of feeling like we don’t belong, like we are unwanted or not seen and understood, or even moments when we had great anger or sadness that went unexpressed and unacknowledged.

The effects of these unresolved traumas appear in our relationships, in our ability to navigate the world, and in our ability to manage our thoughts and emotions. Often, we also see effects in the physical body with chronic tension, pain, misalignment's, and disease.

Because these are all stored in our bodies right now, we can successfully connect with them and work to resolve them through somatic therapy.

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